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imaginor-labs 15 June 19
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“Give me some food!” Can you imagine yourself saying this to a machine? Take it further, what about your device responding to that?

Khana with Yana does this for you. Just talk to Yana ask for some food. Khana will be at your service.

Designed with Angular and Node JS, Khana brings to you all your favorite food right on your mobile phones. Select your food and place the order – “Your food will be delivered to you shortly!”

Khana has a very simple User Interface that lets you deal with your food needs in an easy way. No need to call the room service to ask for the availability of items or the ingredients in your food.

As soon as you ask Yana for food:


Khana opens up and you have all the options available to satisfy your hunger. The featured section contains a list of most ordered food and also is set based on your preferences if you have ordered earlier. If your food is not in the featured list, just scroll. Items then come according to category with a detail description of the ingredients and a veg and non veg indicator. Next you need to do is select the item and add the quantity by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol near it. Food will be added to your cart.


With all your choices and selections, when you have finally decided on your food, it’s time to bring it in. Just go to the cart and see all that you have ordered in a detail summary.


Once you verify everything, click on the checkout button and- “Your food will be delivered shortly ”


So, the food is served and you enjoy it. It’s time now to check the bill, ask Yana! Yana will be there to help you with the total bill till date. Also, a copy of detailed bill will be sent to your registered email.

This was a simple and yet powerful process which reduces a lot of your efforts while ordering food during your hotel stay.

The age old concept which says talk to solve problems, comes true with Yana for Hotels!!

-Vivek Kumar Jha


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