5 do's and dont's of a sales meeting!!

imaginor-labs 15 June 19
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Learning is a part of life, and coming from software background hustling to meet the sales target is offcoarse a great learning and what not to do if you are in kolkata.

Talk the language your customer speaks - Earlier I thought of pitching in English, but that doest not work all the time. Conversation did not last long so customizing is the need. You can go for Hinglish or Benglish, it actual worked.

Listen First - I was in hurry to complete the pitch and ask for feedbacks. But with passing days Listening more gives more insight than saying. So formated a interview sets of question to keep the engagement.

Generate Curiosity - Don't spoil the been at the first meeting. You will Get the sense of whether he is interested or not. If he is curious to know the things it means you can follow up with him and build the trust.

Talk to Decision Maker - Do not hide around the bush, wait but make appointments with key decisions makers without which you will only loose time pitching to who is not in authority.

NO - Treat NO as your next opportunity, make it a habit you will be optimistic . Handling rejections will be a part and parcel of your life so do not get disappointed with NO.

He happy do not loose hope kyu ki.

"Picture abhi baki hai mere dost".


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