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Data mining is the fundamental task for any data analytics project. That involves extracting data from unstructured data sources. These can include emails, product reviews, large complex databases, or raw sensor data. The key steps in this process are to load data, transform and extract as much information as possible.

Data mining is generally the most time-consuming step in the data analysis pipeline. The use of data analytics is beyond maximizing profits and ROI, however. Data analytics can provide crucial information for healthcare (health informatics), crime prevention, and environmental protection. The final step in most data analytics project is data presentation. This step helps to get insights to be shared with stakeholders. Data visualization is the most important tool in data presentation. Compelling visualizations can help tell the story inside data which may help managers and executives understand the importance of these insights.

We at Imaginorlabs have great expertise in data mining and extracting useful information from large database. We believe that visualization of data is crucial for taking complex business decisions, so we have developed applications with great visualizations so that even a non-technical person can take business decisions just by going through the graphs and plots. We have developed applications that can predict Customer Churn from historical data for one of our renowned clients. We have also developed applications that can predict the market sentiments of a product using product reviews and feedback. Avail Service



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