The most well known use case for OCR is conversion of printed paper documents into machine-readable text documents. Once a scanned document is passed through OCR, the text of the document can be edited with word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Before OCR technology was present, the only option to digitise printed paper documents was to manually re-typing the text. Not only was this time consuming but also came with inaccuracy and typing errors.


We develop context aware bots that can provide human-like experience to customers. Our bots are intelligent but witty at the same time. We have developed e-commerce bots for one of our leading clients, as well as we have great experience in developing Google Assistant, Messenger and Telegram bots.

Custom App Development

Businesses around the world are under increasing pressure to grow their business faster with software innovation to grow and respond swiftly to the ever changing global markets. The demand for software applications is increasing daily but attempt to develop them quickly can have negative effect on their quality. The key is to develop quality app development right from the beginning. Application development has different steps such as requirement gathering, analysis, prototype designing, testing and implementation.



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